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Things To Do At Panshet Lake Camping

Panshet is the best place to go camping if you live in Pune. Camping in Panshet with friends and family is a great weekend activity. Sleep among the countless stars and wake up in your tent to the first rays of sunlight. It's just an amazing experience. So without further ado, let's talk about what activities you can enjoy at Panshet

Things to do in Panshet

Panshet Lake


Panshet Camping

Camping at Panshet Lake is a thrilling experience.There are tents available at the Panshet camping site with lake views. Traveling to the campsite from Pune takes just two hours. You can enjoy the splendour of the outdoors with family or friends in Panshet Camp on a one-day or two-day trip from Pune. Your family and friends will enjoy an amazing camping trip to Panshet at Outdoor Thrill Camp Lake View Resort. Aha! Sounds like a dream? Let it come true at Panshet Backwaters. Come with your gang and enjoy an even better



The Panshet camping site is an amazing place to view the sunset. Sitting beside a lake while watching the sunset is an enchanting experience. Seeing a glowing sun slowly fade and then go down gives you a peaceful feeling.


There is a cozy bonfire with music every night at Outdoor Thrill Camp resort at Panshet Lake after 9:30 p.m. A romantic atmosphere is created by the bonfire. Thus, couples prefer to try Panshet camping.

You can also play some games with your friends at a bonfire.A great way to connect with people and disconnect from social media and the rest of the world is to engage in this activity. A lot of laughter and storytelling go well with a bonfire. A romantic environment like this allows you to dance to the music.

Boating And Kayaking

Kayaking at Panshet camping is an exciting experience. The enjoyable sport of kayaking involves paddling across water in a small boat with the use of a double-bladed paddle. It enables the driver of the boat to navigate across waterways by sitting facing forward and moving the boat forward with alternating side-to-side strokes with the paddle. People of all skill levels can enjoy this sport. Water sports can be thrilling, high-intensity activities, or a relaxing way to explore shallow waters at the lake's edge.


At Panshet Dam Camping, you can enjoy stargazing as a romantic activity. Panshet Dam is a place away from pollution and the population. Thus, it's a perfect place for stargazing. You can admire the beauty of the sky at night. The sky is usually clear at the Panshet camping site, and we can see the stars with our bare eyes.

You can recharge amidst the beautiful environment while the twinkling stars look after you if you plan a lavish camping trip. It's a great place to spend time with your partner.

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