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Top 10 places to visit near Pawna lake

Pawna lake is one of the popular tourist destination in Maharashtra. It is popular not only for its view but also due to some historic nearby places. Below is a list of top six places to visit around Pawna lake. Also at the end of the article, we will help you to plan a day and make the most of it. Also find some excluded attractions and the reason for exclusion at the end of the article. We will also tell you best restaurant to have launch around Pawna lake.

1. Lohagad fort

2. Visapur fort

3. Tikona fort 4. Tung fort 5. Bhaje Caves

6. Bedse Caves

7. Dinosaurs Park

8. Dudhiware waterfall 9. Prati pandharpur 10. Hadshi Temple

1. Lohagad Fort

Lohagad visapur fort door

Lohagad Fort

Lohagad (iron fort) is one of the many hill forts of Maharashtra state in India. Situated close to the hill station Lonavala and 52 km (32 mi) northwest of Pune, Lohagad rises to an elevation of 1,033 m (3,389 ft) above sea level. The fort is connected to the neighboring Visapur fort by a small range. Lohagad and Visapur Forts are situated atop an impressive hill near Malavali, 52 km away from Pune. These forts were built in the 18th century. A 1 km long ridge separates the two forts.

Lohagad Fort is one of the many hill forts in Maharashtra. There is a range that divides the basins of the Indrayani and Pavana lakes. Indrayani and Pavana lakes, or Pawna lakes, are divided by the range. Lohagad overlooks the Pawna or Pavana reservoir.

Lohagad, which is 3,400 feet high, is a very wide spread fort. Ganesh Darwaja, Narayan Darwaja, Hanuman Darwaja and Maha Darwaja are the four doors to Lohagad from the nearby village. A few sculptures are still visible on Maha Darwaja.

2. Visapur fort

Visapur Fort

Visapur Fort was built between 1713-1720 CE by Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa of the Maratha Empire. Considering the strategic importance of Visapur, both the north (Konkan) and the south (Deccan) gateways were blown up. Except for a few huts, nothing was left standing. Despite the fact that Lohgad and Visapure forts are nearby, only experienced trekkers can cover both forts in a single day. It is possible that a newbie trekker may get tired after completing a trek of one fort. in a day plan Newbies should pick one fort between lohgad and visapur. Do this trek for the waterfall trail in monsoon and views from the plateau on top. This is an easy, monsoon trek close to the Mumbai-Pune express highway

5. Tikona Fort (वितंडगड)

Tikona fort birds eye view

Tikona Fort

It is also known as Vatandgad. It has an elevation of 3500 ft. It is pyramidal in shape and the name Tikona means triangular. There is the temple of Trembakeshwar Mahadev, seven water tanks and some Satvahan caves. There is a beautiful view of Pawna Lake from the fort.

During the winter season as the temperatures are low and the weather is almost perfect. If you are visiting in the rainy season, ensure that you be careful on the steep patches as they get a bit slippery.

4. Tung fort (कठीणगड)

At a distance of 24 km from Lonavala, 67 km from Pune, 121 km from Mumbai and 31 km from Lohagad Fort, Tung Fort is an ancient hill fort situated near Pawna dam in Pune district of Maharashtra. While climbing difficult Challenge of reaching this fort. The fort is conical and has steep climbs with a a very narrow route on the edge of the mountain throughout. It is very near from the Pawna Dam. Its Sharp, Conical Peak makes Tung fort important landmark.

You are not advised to do Tung fort trek in monsoon time. It is very risky to reach top of fort in monsoon. You can go to Tikona fort for intermediate and Lohagad-visapur for easy expedition. It lies at an altitude of 1075 m and is one of the best Lonavala attractions. It is also among well known Pune places to visit.

5. Bhaje Caves

The Bhaja caves are a group of 22 rock-cut Buddhist caves, located near Lonavala. It is believed that these caves have existed since the 2nd century BC along with the Karla Caves. Travel back in time on this trip to ancient Indian rock-cut caves with the best rock-cut architecture of all times. The ancient caves are protected as Monument of National Importance by the Archaeological Survey of India.

6. Bedse Caves

Bedse Caves

Bedse Caves are one of the three important Buddhist caves located in the Maval taluka, Pune District, Maharashtra. Bedse Caves are ancient Buddhist heritage but is one of the lesser-known of the three and not too frequently visited by tourists. That means Bedse Caves in Pune will allow you to spend some time all alone by yourself amidst the century-old Buddhist viharas, stupas, and sculptures and can still feel those ancient times standing under the roof.

7. Dinosaurs park, Lonavala

When it comes to places to visit with your family in Lonavala, experience a mini-Jurassic park located at the heart of it. Spread over six and a half acres, Dinosaurs Park has 36 life-size animatronic dinosaur figures. This park truly takes one back into the extinct age of dinosaurs.

The Dinosaur park Lonavala successfully shares the learning experiences about the world of dinosaurs through their unique way of documentation. What's more, there are restaurants and merchandise shops so that hunger pangs can be satiated and you have something to take back too.

8. Dudhiware waterfall

Dudhiware Waterfall

It is very close to Pawna Lake. The height of waterfall is 135 feet. There are many waterfall rappelling, zip-lining, and valley crossing opportunities at this location. It is a thrilling place where one can experience thrilling adventures. The view of waterfall is amazing and milky. It is not recommended to visit this place when it is raining heavily.

9. Prati pandharpur

Prati pandharpur

Prati Pandharpur

In Prati-Pandharpur, Baba Maharaj Satarkar, a famous speaker on Dnyaneshwari, is creating the same look and feel as in Pandharpur. It is located in Dudhiware village near Pawna Dam. There is a beautiful garden in front of the temple. The climate is very pleasant. The place is surrounded by lush green forest. And also it is an excellent place for the meditation.

We hope that you got all the information to plan a trip around Pawna lake. If you want to do overnight camping on the edge of Pawna lake then call or WhatsApp us on 9096325735 or 7875199450 or Book now. Please comment and ask your questions.

Article by Akash Thakar

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