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Are there boating facilities at Pawna Lake, Lonavala?

Yes, boating is permitted at Pawna lake in Lonavala. Boating and other watersports are available at a public boat club in Ambegaon village on Pawna Lake. It is a restaurant as well as a public boat club called Lohagad Boat Club

Boating at Pawna lake

Pawna Lake is an excellent place to enjoy boating and water sports. Watercraft and boats come in a wide variety of shapes and prices, so you'll be able to find something that meets your needs and budget. Additionally, the lake is large enough to accommodate a variety of water sports, so there is something for everyone. Pawna Lake is a great spot for water activities or relaxing on the water. For those who prefer something more adventurous, Pawna Lake also has speed boats and jetskis. Whether you want to relax on a boat or get your adrenaline pumping with some watersports, various options are available.

Pawna lake boating: Things to remember

1. Every person on board should wear a life jacket or other personal flotation device, and children should have a life jacket that fits properly.

2. Wearing sunscreen will help you stay comfortable while spending time in the sun.

3. Water jumping is prohibited and punishable 

Here are a few glimpses of Pawna Lake boating

Pawna Lake Boating Location

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